SZA – “Julia”

This dream-pop, synth-tastic track is from SZA’s upcoming EP Z. The R&B singer channels some serious 80s vocals and themes, and the result is “Julia”. This makes me really excited for her upcoming EP because it is different than anything else I have heard from her; stick around to hear some more in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, let “Julia” hold you over. Listen below.

Eminem – “Survival”

When I stumbled across this track by pure accident, I was mindlessly scrolling through my Twitter feed like I do every few hours to see what is happening in music, or just to see if MEEK MILL RAPS LIKE has posted anything new. Generally, there is only one or two things I click on, and about only 50% of the time do I find something I really dig.

Earlier today, Call of Duty released a trailer with a brand, spankin’ new Eminem song without any previous announcement. I did not really believe the headline when I read it for the first time because, c’mon, Eminem is over 40 and has not really done anything in the studio since Recovery.

But low and behold, “Survival”, Eminem’s newest track, was there.

Although the first few versions I heard were interlaced with annoying explosions and other various war sounds, I just found this clean track with nothing but pure Eminem.

Although he still has a somewhat grating yell situation going on throughout the song, the lyrics are fresh, the beat is energetic and his voice is strong. Although being 40 isn’t that old, it is ancient in rap years (very similar to dog years) and I am happy to see that he still has some of his original spunk.

I will for sure be blasting this until I get more. But, next time, how about you give us some more warning beforehand?

Check out “Survival” below while I continue to keep writing emotional tweets about how much I have missed Em on the radio:

Rejjie Snow – “Snow (My Rap Song)” Video

The beat is weird, twisted and spooky. The video is weird, spooky and smokey. The lyrics seem to slither around in your head. But I must say, I have been indoctrinated. Everything about this is great, including the bucket hat and the fact that it is set in Paris. Check it out below:

Bonnie McKee – “American Girl” (Oliver Remix)

So rarely do my ears like something that does not involve a dirty bass line or quick witted rap verses, but Oliver’s remix of Bonnie McKee’s “American Girl” really hit the mark. The fast paced track jam packed with synth and McKee’s soaring voice really does a lot for me, especially on this beautiful Friday where I am stuck instead. Or maybe it is just because it appeals to me being a red, white and blue blooded ‘Murcan. Take a listen below and take pride in being an American (even if you’re not):

ScHoolboy Q – “Collard Greens” ft Kendrick Lamar [Video]

We already all knew that “Collared Greens” is a great song (complete with some Spanish up in there for y’all bilinguals), but this week ScHoolboy Q dropped the video for the song featuring Kendrick Lamar. With quick cuts, switching between black&white to color shots, girls in short shorts and images of Southern California, this video is relatively low-key, which fits in nicely with the G-funkish beat. And, as always, Kendrick looks super huggable (is that a weird thing to say about a rapper? Whatever).

Check out the video below and let us know what you think:

Jae Millz – “Do It Everyday”

With surprisingly few effects of beat changes, Jae Mills’ “Do It Everyday” is head nod inducing as quick as 3 seconds in. With a nasty beat, all 3 minutes of this song is sick. Although it may not be anything revolutionary in rap music, it damn sure is catchy. Check it out below:

Dog Party – “Los Angeles”

There is no time like the present to get your riot grrl on (except maybe the 90s), and there is no better song to do it to than to Dog Party’s “Los Angeles”. This duo is comprised of a 15 year old and 17 year old, just in case you wanted to feel worse about yourself today. Check out their track below, and be sure to get ahold of the free download via Souncloud.

Drake – “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

Oooooo the newest track from Drake’s upcoming full length, Nothing Was the Same is fresh. Nothing dark here, just a promise to a good girl that we’re headed home. Listen below:

Drake – “All Me” ft. 2 Chainz & Big Sean

I wasn’t too sure about this one the first few times I listened to it, but how can you not like a song that basically opens with “I don’t even know much I really made / I forgot / It’s a lot / Fuck that / Never mind what I got”. It is boastful lyrics like that which make rap so great, so in that sense, this song is awesome. Besides the obvious ironic factor that this song has two features on it while called “All Me”, the features work with the song. 2 Chainz has the best line about sneezing of all time, and Big Sean talks about his girlfriend’s much bigger paycheck (respect), so I can dig it. This is one of those songs you have to let grow on you, but once its got you, its got you. Check it out below:

The Weeknd – “Love in the Sky”

In this most recent release off of The Weeknd’s Kiss Land (due out Sept 10), I feel like I am transported to the first time that I listened to “The Birds” (1 and 2) and felt like I couldn’t move. The thunder effects, his whispery singing, and lyrics like “as for me I’ve been getting grown / as for me I’ve been getting old” and “but I’m always getting high / because my confidence is low” all point to a great song, and that is what you get with “Love in the Sky”. He’s back guys. Get stoked for Kiss Land and listen to the track below:

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