Alpine – A is for Alpine

It wouldn’t be fair to say Alpine slipped under my radar because my radar has been all over the place lately, usually focused on disco, but mainly listening to comedy podcasts. Alpine is is six-piece band from Melbourne, Australia cranking out some sugary-sweet sounding tunes that are full with soft coos and explosive keyboard and guitar riffs. Alpine’s A is for Alpine pulls your ears in slowly and envelops your entire body by the chorus with both intro tracks “Lovers 1″ and “Lovers 2″. One of my favorite tracks follows these two, “Hands”. It’s a song that translates from a sunny drive to a disco dive on the dance floor. Actually, a lot of the album feels that way, which is probably why I’ve been digging it so hard. Anyway, have a peep:

Billie Black – 000 1000

Billie Black’s “I Don’t Need Another Lover” was on Nialler9′s “New music weekly” Spotify playlist, twice. Probably an accident, but after I listened to it once, was ready to play it again, and then five more times after that. The 19 year-old singer/songwriter from London isn’t fucking around with her sultry voice or the lyrics that clash with the sound. More than that, she has a much better understanding of the relationships and intentions between men and woman than I do at 24. Billie Black’s Facebook page says shes currently unsigned, I wonder if it’s because she’s waiting for XL Records to approach her with a deal. Get to it, someone. Billie’s gonna hit it.

Get A Room! Boiler Room Set

Breakbot made a mixtape in October 2012 that had Get A Room!’s edit of “Down in The Basement” that I instantly fell in love with. Get a Room! has kept under the radar for the most part, but I’ve started to see their name pop up on my Facebook feed more recently with some gigs they’re playing, and a special treat for my ears (and now yours) a Boiler Room set! Dig in:

Jungle – “Busy Earning”

Hey XL Records, thanks for coveting your newest roster addition, Jungle. I can see why you’ve done that. Jungle, based in the UK, has a beautiful handful of singles released thus far featuring big vocals and bigger brass sections. Like The Roots and TV on the Radio had a music baby with more electronic digs, the duo (who performs live with five other band members) has sprung onto everyone’s music radar seemingly overnight. Only a label like XL could do that. Of course, it helps to have the cash flow and the clout, but when music’s good, it’s good, and word will travel fast. XL has hit the nail on the head (yet again) with Jungle, even building up the fact that they’re a “mystery band” (are they taking a page from Jai Paul?). These songs will be sought after for major commercials and local artists video’s alike. I can’t wait to hear their full album already.

Jungle – Busy Earning from Blink on Vimeo.

16 Knapper – Astral

A former skateboarder and graffiti artist, 16 Knapper (16 Buttons), a producer from Bergen, Norway took his need for self-expression elsewhere, specifically to a MPC mixer and some old records. What we have here today is his first album, Astral, which is claimed to be a form of self-expression that couldn’t be achieved through other mediums. There’s a handful of good stuff going on here for a first album. The first track “Take Off” reminds me of something I’d hear on HNNY’s “Music For Listening” mixtapes, featuring looped beats, audio clips from old records, and sounds that shift from scratches on vinyl to dubbed keyboard riffs. “Takeoff”, “Return of the King”, and “The Solider Boogie” are three tracks I’d recommend listening to. The rest of the album falls flat, they have a good base but lack any substance. I’m not sure what would make me want to re-listen to Astral. The album caught my eye in the first place with it’s really interesting cover art. The songs seem like great stems and loops to work with for a remix, and with more time producing under his belt, I’m sure these could be turned into much more full sounding tracks.

Dark Model – “Close to Infinity”

If you’re going to engage in a high-speed chase, rob a bank, turn into Superman, or save the world, you’ll need the perfect soundtrack to match, specifically Dark Model’s “Close to Infinity”. “Close to Infinity” sounds like what heroism looks like, big electronic orchestral build-ups that move the song forward, with big enough breaks in the notes to feel like you’re free-falling into whatever sort of trouble the good citizens of such-and-such town need saving. In other words, if a Tron 2 were to be released, I think Daft Punk would know who to collaborate with next. Dark Model has opened for David Bowie and Kraftwerk, and being based in New york may help listeners understand how such a heroic sounding album could be created. “Close to Infinity” comes from the forthcoming self-titled album which will be released May 16th.

Keep up with Dark Model via his website and Facebook

Borneland – Mix 23 / June 2014 / “Dandelion”

Danish designer/DJ duo Borneland released number 23 of their monthly mixtapes, this one’s titled “Dandelion”. They see the dandelion’s presence as a bit of a curveball in the garden of life: A dandelion may appear in your garden of hopes dreams, and aspirations, but they don’t uproot the entire flowerbed, and sometimes, the dandelion gives your garden the edge it needs. With that said, Borneland admits they do like dandelions. I haven’t heard the dandelion of this mix, it’s a nice hour of house tunes, a handful and a half of remixes by Claptone, Joris Vroon and Danish contemporary Kasper Bjørke. Free download, so you can add this mix to your garden of tapes.

Tracklist after the jump…
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Blackbird Blackbird – Tangerine Sky

I hate to say that I shoved Blackbird Blackbird under the rug for a while, I think because I had heard another band with the same word in it and confused the two as the same person. I gave Blackbird Blackbird a go one day, realizing they were not who I thought they were, and it was a very, very good decision. If you’re new to the band, peep the song “It’s A War“, this is what it sounds like to fly. I’ve caught myself realizing I’m breathing during this song. It’s a perfect “we’re in love” montage-scene type of song. You’ll have it on loop at least four times before you move on. “It’s A War” is the first track from the album Boracay Planet which was released in 2012.

Today, the San Francisco-based band is gearing up to release their fourth LP, Tangerine Sky. In preparation for the release, Hype Machine is streaming the full album. For a first listen, there are a lot of great elements happening on the album, a lot of experimentation with synths and percussion respectively. Considering Boracay Planet was half original tunes and half remixes, it’s great to hear 11 original Blackbird Blackbird tracks as well as hear them expand on sounds first heard in Boracay Planet.

Village – “The Touch”

I’ve been on Village’s tip for a while now. I believe I first found him through his super sexy remix of Usher’s “Dive”. Village started out with a very mysterious cover, no one knew where he was from (people guessed Colorado, France, but it’s Romania) or what his deal was with music – on the side kind of deal or full time. Seems that the hype of his mixes had caught up to him and is taking on making music as a full time thing (he used to do some behind-the-scenes [visials] for Origami Sound). His first release was Takeover under Origami Sound but, now teaming up with Kitsuné to release another EP, he presents us with “The Touch”.

On the real real, Village’s remixes are all pretty darn hot so I recommend them for boom boom tunes.
Follow Village on Soundcloud here.


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